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Porsche 911 1974 RSR Recreation met Fia Paspoort

For Sale Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 recreation with FIA Historical Technical passport.

"The Hulk" has been raced actively for 7 seasons. Its engine and gearbox were rebuilt in 2018, after which the car raced one weekend. The slidevalve engine and gearbox have about 90 minutes plus test bench time on it.

The suspension has been reinforced with the correct weld-in pieces around the strut mounts and uprated over the years and includes original style adjustable stabiliser bars. The shocks are Bilstein, springs are by H&R. The bushings are a firmer polyurethane type, not solid. The cage is by Safety Devices and we have the certificate. The Hulk comes with a harnessed 100 liter endurance tank which makes the car eminently suitable for long distance racing., which is still valid FIA-wise. The seat and driver safety harness needs to be replaced as they have FIA-expired.

The braking system is very special. It consists of Zuffenhaus sand cast reproduction RSR brakes, modified to fit the steel short trailing arms and floating disks in 28mm all around, as the factory RSRs used. The brakes can be serviced with 930 Turbo brake seals and pistons, but are in good condition. The stopping power of this car is as impressive as its engine performance.

The engine has 297hp as measured on the rolling road and obviously is equipped with a Bosch MFI pump, modified by Koller & Schwemmer to produce enough fuel for the large intake plenum and aggressive centrally lubricated Sprint camshaft profile (new items). The engine has a larger oil pump than the donor block (early 911 SC) would carry. The cylinders have been ringed for more reliability. The heads have been drilled for double ignigition. The double ignition unit is breaker-less. The exhaust system is brand new and dates to the most recent rebuild. The engine has been tuned for good torque and durability, whilst pumping out nearly 300 hp. In this set up the engine ran 6 full seasons of about 12,5 hours qualifying and racing at full throttle (72,5hrs). The engine reliably revs to 8.000rpm in upshifts.

The Hulk has retained its Netherlands title/license tag and theoretically could be taken on the road if modified for road safety testing. The car comes with both a set of 15 and a set of 16 inch tall wheels with tyres. The rain tyres have neverbeen used and are about 3 years old. The 16 inch wheels are original BBS honeycomb style. The 15 inch wheels are the same style but by Braid.

The FIA Historical Technical Passport is up to date after a recent re-issue. The car has been a twice national champion as it consistently drove in the top 3. It\\\'s a car with great pedigree at good value for money, in parts alone.

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