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Toyota Corolla AE86

Toyota Corolla AE86. Made in 1983.
TOYOTA is fully refurbished and repainted. It has FIA sport passport, and is registered to drive on the roads (has licence plates). All the parts are renewed or changed by the new, better ones. A lot of money and time invested in the car.
Body: Rebuilt, all rusty places are taken off, and repainted. Made stiff and good places for lifting Toyota with simple lifter.
4A-GE engine. Head is manufactured and rebuilt, changed valves, valve gums, piston rings, rod bearings, head gasket, bigger ports, uprated camshafts (duration ~290⁰), Fidanza adjustable camshaft gears, uprated valve springs, Dellorto twin carbs with K&N air filters, compression ratio 11.5.
New water pump. New timing belt. Oil radiator and oil cooler „Sandwitch“.
Gearbox: Rebuilt T-50 5 gears Toyota gearbox with uprated Toyota gearbox fitting.
Rebuilt T50 gear shifting with all new parts.
New Helix ceramic sport clutch. New clutch bearing. Motul 80w90 oil.
Transmission: New KAAZ DAT1630 LSD. Rebuilt diff. Diff ratio: 4.3:1.
Electricity, in/outtake, fuel, air, etc: Battery inside the carbon box, all electricity renewed (including starter and alternator). New aluminium heavy duty radiator with new fan, all sylicone hoses, all metalic hydraulic hoses-new, new sport fuel filter. Inside all the buttons, power off switches and iginition are new. 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, straight exhaust, new rear Magnaflow muffler.
Brakes: New Brembo front brake discs. New EBC rear brake discs. Front Calipers (4-piston) are renewed. Rear calipers are renewed. IRP individual handbrake with Wilwood cylinder 5/8. New brake cylinder. All new lines and hoses. New brake adjust knob. Ferodo Premium and EBC brake pads front, Ferodo Premium brake pads rear.
Suspension: K-Sport renewed adjustable front and rear shocks (coilovers). New Superflex poliurethane bushes all around. New front arms. New bearings and seals for front hubs. New adjustable panhard rod. New adjustable D2 rear suspension arms. All original parts are sandblasted and painted.
Inside/outside, other: New TRD spoiler. All lamps and lights are polished and renewed. Front panel is renewed and flocked. Front Aerocatch fasteners. New COBRA SUZUKA seats with FIA homologation. New TRS harnesses with FIA homologation. Carbox box for battery. New battery. New front window. New inside carbon footrests (with horn for the codriver). Inside is painted as a body colour, only roll cage is painted matt black.
Wheels: New painted white R15 Compomotive motorsport-6 (possible to buy with Yokohama tyres)
New painted graphite R15 Ronal Turbo-4 (possible to buy with Toyo rain tyres)
New painted black R14 Intra-5 (possible to buy with Nankang tyres)
Original R14-4 with tyres.
Spare parts: Full working 4 A-GE Engine
Ford E-Type gearbox, 4 gears, rebuilt, with fitting for 4A-GE engine, and new HELIX motorsport clutch to fit 4A-GE engine
Original TVIS injection system
3 ECU (one is N-Group)
Lightened flywheel
Front and rear brake sets (discs, calipers, brake pads)
Body parts (rear quarter, rear panel, front panel, roof, rear doors (2)) Rear windows
Front bumper
New sport springs for standart shock absorbers Engine parts (leads, adjustable gears, ignition coil, spark maker, etc.) Original LSD
Standart oil radiator
Original radiator fan
Fuel rail with Malpassi fuel pressure regulator
Gaskets, belts
Front engine holder
Spare steering rack
Front grill
Rear plastic with Toyota sign
Rear spoiler Oil sump A lot of plastics
Front, side and rear lights and lamps
Original panhard rod
Original front suspension arms
And lot of other parts.....
Toyota can bedelivered to any country in Europe (for additional costs).
More information via email. Speak English, Russian and little german, but google translator is not a problem.
Price with all spare parts 15000 Euro. Price without spare parts and with only oriinal wheels 12000 Euro.
Telephone +37068509176
Toyota is located in Lithuania.

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