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Phantom SF11, BMW V8, 4.0


Fully / rebuild functional Silhouette Race car as fast as a GT3 for the fraction of the cost and ready to race !

Chassis: Solution F TC10, BY2012, with (4x) Air-Jacking system

Engine: BMW M3 4.0 V8, S65B40, 530 HP@8500rpm with special design sump housing the integrated water to oil coolers for engine and gearbox. BY 2015.

Engine is build and designed by Duramotor to highest specification for endurance use. Low miles and consumption vs. high output power.

Electronics: Full Pectel systems, Dash - Omega ICD Plus, Membrane MSP form Pectel / Cosworth, Custom steering wheel with integrated CSB (CAN Switch board from Pectel / Cosworth), Power management via the IPS32 (Power control Unit Pectel / Cosworth), ECU / Logger Pectel SQ6M upgraded with gearbox control. Varios other high end electronics integrated. Also included the 10 Hz GPS / beacon from pectel.

All electronics are new from 2014, and purchased directly from Pectel.

Gearbox: Sadev SL90-24, 6-speed 24mm. gears, various ratios available and included, Long ratio- and short ratio set included. Actuator system from Shiftec, integrated gear shift servo, the best and most reliable system in the market today. Fully rebuild and maintained 2015.

Paddle Shift System: Full paddle shift integrated in steering wheel, PKM Compressor with last modification for high temp. Air compressor tank integrated in chassis, accumulator from Shifttec, integrated valves. State or the art system with zero fail.

Brakes: AP CP5060 6 piston system with advanced brake balance system. All with Vented 355mm floating AP disks, Braking pad's PAGID.

Aerodynamics: The design of the car was based on the best possible aero available. Special front floor with integrated ventury, dive planes and splitter generates more than 300 KG of down force by 200 KPH. The floor is fully flat until the rear defusser that in combination with the rear spoiler work as a package generating more than 300 KG at 160 KPH.

Cooling / temp management: The design of the temperature management for engine oil, gearbox and engine water is really brilliantly designed. One large radiator (custom aluminum) provides all the needed cooling capacity for engine and gearbox. A very small oil cooler is located in the side pod for extreme conditions (above 40 degrees air temperature). Fully self-regulating, no more to cold- or to warm engines / gearboxes.

Suspension: Car is build up with INTRAX 4-Way Black titan ARC (Anti roll control) shock absorbers . Push rod system and independent double triangle, for the front and the rear. All build from 25CD45. (fully adjustable geo- pickup points)

Fuelling: 110 Ltr FIA full cell, with 4 integrated scavenges pumps, 1 Bosch High pressure pumps and regulators. Quick filling system, with dump bottle.

Functions: Pectel traction control 7 positions, Adjustable engine map selection on steering wheel (Qualification - race - wet - safety car or code 60), adjustable pit limiter with automatic countdown stopwatch, Full automatics engineering mode, WIFI connection to ECU/LOGGER so no more cable's between engineer laptops and car needed. Directly powered and controllable AMB transponder included, several software safety procedures for preventing engine or gearbox damage.

Rims: 18" rims - front J10x18, rear J12x18, central locking. 12 rims included. (used so don't expect new rims)

Body: Rare unbranded design by Yaccouba. Looks odd but will turn head from a mile away. Carbon/glass parts all easy to repair or replace.

90% of all parts can be orders by Solution-F, Cosworth, Duramotor etc. Some custom items are well documented for reproduction. All in depth know-how will be shared with the new owner.

Also multiple car bodies are available, Volvo S60, BMW M4 etc. but are not in this price and needs to be ordered via Solution F.

Car is developed for the GT division of the Supercar Challenge but is currently running SuperGT instead. Car is a winner in the GT division with a gentleman on the helm, but with a pro behind the wheel it’s a SuperGT.

The car is avalible from today, but will keep running this season. This project was without cutting corners and expance developed over the 2012-2014 season, all info is avalible by images via


Price is excl. TAX (if invoiced within the Netherlands)


Prijs: € 99.000,-

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